Motion Capture

Working on a 3d Movie project for a client's Hollywood submittal project I've finally had the opportunity to play around with multiple Kinect capture using iPi Mocap Studio. Initial setup was interesting. Once again finding quality tutorials was slightly tough. I managed to find a good series at YouTube by Jimer Lins
It actually led to the inadvertent discovery of Source Film Maker by Valve, which is a very interesting tool. It basically allows you to take a game environment and manipulate it for film. Doing a little bit more research on it, but it sounds as if you can set up a scene directly from actual game play to get easy camera angles and movement, and then further manipulate characters in real-time to achieve presentation and composition pleasing to you. While not vastly different than Motion Builder for composition it does seem like it might have a more intuitive interface.
I digress, however, two camera motion capture is pretty awesome because it allows you to capture full 360 degrees of body movement. I used it recently to capture a cell phone scene. While this seems a simple enough thing this was an aggressive cell call. That meant lots of arm motion and pacing around. 180 degrees of freedom would have restricted my ability to realistically act in my makeshift studio.
Bear in mind a two Kinect studio, especially without near mode provided by the Windows Kinect means you need lots of space, especially for more intense motions. My room still leaves a lot to be desired, but my basement might work considerably better with a bit of cleanup. Either way, I'll be doing my own tutorial of the setup soon. I still have to get the texturing tutorial out, haven't forgotten about you guys. Eldiren out!

by Eldiren

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