Lumiere Rig Tools


With the new Lumiere Rigging Tools you can transfer weights quickly from Daz3D Genesis characters to our custom Cinema 4D Lumiere Character Object template. Once your weights are there, our previous tutorials weren't in vain. You can use the tools to transfer animation from Motionbuilder onto the rig, or from any other software of your choice.

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With Logiciel Lumiere's new Rig Tools plugin you can transfer weights quickly and easily from any skinned rig to any other skinned rig with ease. The rig tools also include a powerful auto rigger that allows you to take an imported character from any package and add a quick, easy to use, and highly customizable FK/IK rig system to the joints. This allows you to quickly bring in preskinned characters from Daz 3D, Maya, etc. and get down to animating. New in 1.2 Auto rigging template system. Adds full FK/IK setup to joints. Saving and loading of joint templates. Joint weights transfer. Transfer weighting from one bone hierarchy to another. Ability to set auxiliary bones to further customize weight transfer.


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