January Musings

Eldiren here. Happy belated New Year everyone. With the New Year I've gotten a refreshing start on the Lumiere Rig Tools plugin after a bit of a hiatus and some bugs with the rig itself. The plugin is now complete, and is mainly waiting on me figuring out shop quirks with the website here. As always it's an exciting time to be in 3D. My previous musings made mention of Isotropix Clarisse. The team over there seems to be doing great things. That being said there's an even more exciting development for Cinema4D users in the form of C4DtoA, Solidangle's new plugin for Cinema 4D, that allows you to use Arnold natively in the program. Looking at some of the examples: Posted recently this month over at CGSoceity, it's shaping up to be awesome. My recent tutorials have focused on Alembic workflows, and the interesting thing about that, and the new Arnold plugin, is that it prevents the need for me to consider external packages like Clarisse and Katana at the moment. My studies and projects are always leading me in new directions though and I'll keep you up date on new developments. Going back to the plugin, the current feature set will allow you to merge Genesis weights onto the custom built Lumiere Rig template in Cinema4D. This rig includes full IK and in the future I'll be adding face controls and more functionality. Once your Genesis character is retargeted you'll be able to animate it like you would normally expect in a program like Poser or Daz, taking full advantage of all of Cinema4D's powerful timeline tools. Having the rig in Cinema4D also gives you access to deformers that you can see live, as well as having you character interact live with fluid and particle simulations. The second part of the plugin functionality allows you to retarget motion capture onto the rig from external sources. This allows you to continue to use Motionbuilder to define basic movements quickly, and then then take it into Cinema4D for further development. Currently as long as the bones in another program match the rig you should also be able to import data from elsewhere like Endorphin, or even Mixamo. I intend to enhance the retargeting and weight capabilities in future versions. Well that's it for me today. Expect and announcement, and a tutorial soon on the Lumiere Rig Tools. Eldiren out!