Multi App Workflows – FaceShift & Cinema 4D In this Multi App Workflows tutorial we will revisit the C4D and Faceshift workflow. We'll introduce a new plugin that will allow us to quick get reusable facial animation into C4D with very little work. As I said in the tutorial here is the blend shape correspondence list I currently use to convert Daz3D morphs to Faceshift ones. I'll update it as I find more usable morphs: MouthSmile_L - head.CTRLSmileSimpleL MouthSmile_R - head.CTRLSmileSimpleR EyeBlink_L - head.CTRLEyesClosedL EyeBlink_R - head.CTRLEyesClosedR JawOpen - head.CTRLMouthOpenWide JawFwd - head.CTRLJawOut JawL - head.CTRLJawSideL JawR - head.CTRLJawSideR Mouth_L - head.CTRLMouthSide-SideL Mouth_R - head.CTRLMouthSide-SideR LipsPucker - head.CTRLLipsPucker LipsFunnel - head.CTRLLipsPuckerWide BrowsDown_L - head.CTRLBrowDownL BrowsDown_R - head.CTRLBrowDownR BrowsUp_L - head.CTRLBrowUpL BrowsUp_R - head.CTRLBrowUpR Puff - head.CTRLCheeksBalloon LipsLowerClose - head.CTRLLipBottomUp LipsUpperClose - head.CTRLLipTopDown EyeSquint_L - head.CTRLEyesSquintL EyeSquint_R - head.CTRLEyesSquintR A great thanks to 80prozent for creating this plugin. You can visit his GitHub at: There you show be able to download it and play along. Cheers!

Late tutorials, and scene woes

Hey everybody, Eldiren again. So I've been working on the Painting and Texturing Intro tutorial series this week (one week later than I promised), and I've run into just a few issues with it. This happens with most tutorials of course. Generally when I record these I write some general notes describing what I want to talk about, and then depending on how rusty I am with the subject matter, or if it's a new technique that I'm just trying out myself, I typically go through a run through of the process with a copy c4d file. Usually though I like to go raw, doing the tutorial as I go, and working through the flaws on screen with you guys. I ran into a unique issues with NitroBake in this particular tutorial, because it doesn't preserve the selection tag names quite well. Also because the model was broken up in the Softimage workflow it's hard to simply copy drag some selection tags back. I'm working that part out now so the tutorial flows seamlessly. Should have it up for Monday I hope. Anyway, in case you missed it the Softimage Face Robot workflow tutorials are up on the Logiciel Lumiere Channel. In that series I cover Cinema 4D and Face Robot integration and workflow pitfalls and concerns. I also cover Faceshift which just released an update a few days ago. One of the big things in the update is lip-sync. The tool was already great for fine facial capture, but now I imagine the lip movements will be even more believable. I think I'll do a advanced series next where I cover a direct Faceshift workflow as the program does allow you to import FBX models and work with them. Looking forward to that. Eldiren out!

05. Adding motion capture animation In this chapter we will be using Faceshift to create motion capture data that we can add to our Softimage rig. We'll compare some workflows and then we'll head into Softimage to create the maps we need to retarget our motion capture. Follow the company on twitter @logiciellumiere there we'll have announcements for more tutorials and other awesome VFX stuff.

01. Intro to Face Robot In this chapter we will discuss Softimage's Face Robot and how it can help us achieve a faster and more convincing facial animation workflow. Follow the company on twitter @logiciellumiere there we'll have announcements for more tutorials and other awesome VFX stuff.