Multi App Workflows – FaceShift & Cinema 4D In this Multi App Workflows tutorial we will revisit the C4D and Faceshift workflow. We'll introduce a new plugin that will allow us to quick get reusable facial animation into C4D with very little work. As I said in the tutorial here is the blend shape correspondence list I currently use to convert Daz3D morphs to Faceshift ones. I'll update it as I find more usable morphs: MouthSmile_L - head.CTRLSmileSimpleL MouthSmile_R - head.CTRLSmileSimpleR EyeBlink_L - head.CTRLEyesClosedL EyeBlink_R - head.CTRLEyesClosedR JawOpen - head.CTRLMouthOpenWide JawFwd - head.CTRLJawOut JawL - head.CTRLJawSideL JawR - head.CTRLJawSideR Mouth_L - head.CTRLMouthSide-SideL Mouth_R - head.CTRLMouthSide-SideR LipsPucker - head.CTRLLipsPucker LipsFunnel - head.CTRLLipsPuckerWide BrowsDown_L - head.CTRLBrowDownL BrowsDown_R - head.CTRLBrowDownR BrowsUp_L - head.CTRLBrowUpL BrowsUp_R - head.CTRLBrowUpR Puff - head.CTRLCheeksBalloon LipsLowerClose - head.CTRLLipBottomUp LipsUpperClose - head.CTRLLipTopDown EyeSquint_L - head.CTRLEyesSquintL EyeSquint_R - head.CTRLEyesSquintR A great thanks to 80prozent for creating this plugin. You can visit his GitHub at: There you show be able to download it and play along. Cheers!